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 WHOIS and Reverse IP

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WebHosting.Info's Power WHOIS Service

Advanced WHOIS Lookup! (beta) WHOIS reports are directly accessible via the following URLs:

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About the Service:

WebHosting.Info's Advanced WHOIS service displays several additional details about a domain name or an IP Address apart from standard contact information.

Key Features:
  • Web Hosting Company hosting the domain name
  • Current IP Address of the domain
  • Geographical location of the IP Address
  • Reverse IP Facility - Lists all domains hosted on an IP Address
  • Domain Owner Details - Registrant, Admin Contact etc
  • Absolutely Free!
Popular Forums:
  • Domain Names and DNS
    Domain Name Registration, Management, Renewal, Reselling, Transfers, Hijacking, Squatting, and other related issues.

  • Shared/Virtual Web Hosting
    Choosing a hosting provider, Past Experiences (good and bad), Questions and Answers, and other web hosting related subjects.

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